ISPDC Archives

Below you may find a list of past ISPDC conferences. Click on the location to be transferred to the respective website (if still active).

ISPDC-2016 FuZhou, China
ISPDC-2015 Limassol, Cyprus
ISPDC-2014 Marseille-Porquerolles Island, France
ISPDC-2013 Bucharest, Romania
ISPDC-2012 Munich, Germany
ISPDC-2011 Cluj, Romania
ISPDC-2010 Instanbul, Turkey
ISPDC-2009 Lisbon, Portugal
ISPDC-2008 Krakow, Poland
ISPDC-2007 Hagenberg, Austria
ISPDC-2006 Timisoara, Romania
ISPDC-2005 Lille, France
ISPDC-2004 Cork, Ireland
ISPDC-2003 Ljubljana, Slovenia
ISPDC-2002 Iasi, Romania

This spoon is the symbol of ISPDC conference. Come in Innsbruck in July 2017 to find the whole story!